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Built for higher education
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ADA Compliant
24H Turnaround
1/3rd the price
Try 10 minutes right now, on us
Just upload some content and see it get captioned
Beyond 99% Accuracy
Accuracy Made For
The Real World
Echo Labs’s proprietary CASPER captioning system was built from the ground up for higher education, tackling even the toughest submissions with superhuman accuracy and ease.
Multiple Speakers

Technical Language

Accents and Background Noise

Integrations Galore
Seamless integrations that put accessibility on autopilot
If there was a land speed record for time-to-caption a video, our users would hold the record. Echo's team of product wizards have waved their magic wands and created integrations that connect seamlessly to all your favorite platforms — Panapto, Kaltura, YouTube, and more.

With just a few clicks, you can submit thousands of hours of media and, once it’s done, we'll automatically go back and update the file in its original location, like a captioning fairy godmother. We're here to make captioning so easy, you'll wonder how you ever managed without us.
A handful of our time-saving integrations:
Echo Labs Pricing
We've saved accessibility teams $3,589,329 in the past 60 days*
We believe that proactive accessibility should be the default in every institution across the country, and that starts with radically lowering the cost of captioning.

Coming in at less than 1/3rd than what most pay for captioning today, we help higher education institutions save millions every year, letting them reinvest in their people and expand support for their student body.
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By leveraging in-house AI advancements made by the Echo Labs team, we’re able to offer ADA compliant captioning with 24 hour delivery at a cost never before possible in our industry. While prices depend on volume, we begin at nearly 65% less than the closest alternative. Click here to speak to someone on the team.

Join leading institutions in switching to Echo Labs for captioning and help us build a world where education is accessible to everyone.