About Echo Labs
We're making education accessible to all students, everywhere.
Image of Edward Aguilar

Edward Aguilar

CEO & Co-Founder

With years of experience leading internationally recognized non-profits, Edward is driven by a passion for making education accessible to students everywhere.

Image of Denise Hill

Denise Hill

Lead Accessibility Specialist

Denise Hill is an Accessibility Specialist with 17 years of expertise in K-12 and Higher Education. Dedicated to promoting accessibility, she ensures inclusive learning environments for all students.

Image of Sahan Reddy

Sahan Reddy

CTO & Co-Founder

A passionate innovator in autonomous systems and AI, Sahan brings expertise from Anduril Industries and his experience leading award-winning teams to drive innovation.

Image of Ruben Isagulov

Ruben Isagulov

Accessibility Specialist

Ruben is a passionate accessibility specialist who has been working in the higher-ed accessibility space for years. He has seen the roadblocks that prevent creating an environment that is equitable and accessible to all students and faculty members, and has joined Echo Labs to help break down those barriers, once school at a time.

Image of Devin Beck

Devin Beck

VP of Sales

Devin joins Echo Labs after spending 19 years working in educational technology for companies such as Blackboard and most recently serving as North America`s Managing Director of Enterprise and Education at Kaltura and then Panopto. He has had the pleasure of working with over 1500 US Colleges and Universities and brings a deep passion for online video and all things accessibility-related.

We live and work by our values.

Unreasonable hospitality.

Go above and beyond to create exceptional experiences for everyone.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Bring your best to every task, no matter how small or large.

Dream big, then make it real.

Be ambitious. Show and do, rather than tell and talk.

Embrace an ownership mentality.

Take initiative to leave things better than you found them.

Making Waves in Accessibility: The Echo Labs Story

At Echo Labs, we're on a mission to make education accessible to everyone, and we believe that starts with making accessibility itself financially accessible. Founded just a year ago with the support of leading educational institutions and d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing NGOs, our team has been driven by a passion for breaking down barriers and creating inclusive learning environments.

Our groundbreaking Echo Labs Captioning Platform has been turning heads in the tech world, hailed as the first solution capable of delivering ADA-compliant, >99% accurate closed captions at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. The overwhelmingly positive response to our launch led to a record-breaking pre-seed raise of $7.4 million, empowering us to bring our accessibility solutions to universities and colleges worldwide.