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ADA Compliant Captions at a fraction of the cost
Try it yourself, on the house.
No credit card required, 10 minute max, 24 hour turnaround.


All Echo Labs captioning is fully ADA and FCC 504 compliant


Guaranteed delivery time on all submissions with no limit


our per-minute cost is nearly 70% less than others

Integrated Platform
Connects easily to all your favorite workflows.
We’re here to make your life easier by making high quality captioning radically simple. That's why we connect to every major learning and video management system, helping you save hours of work every week.
A handful of our time-saving integrations:
Echo Labs Pricing
If it's not affordable, it's not accessible.
We believe that proactive accessibility should be the default in every institution across the country, and that starts with radically lowering the cost of captioning.

Our technology helps higher education institutions save millions every year, letting them reinvest in their people and expand support for their student body.
Average response time: 7 minutes
Join leading institutions in switching to Echo Labs for captioning and help us build a world where education is accessible to everyone.
Frequently Asked Questions

By leveraging in-house AI advancements made by the Echo Labs team, we’re able to offer ADA compliant captioning with 24 hour delivery at a cost never before possible in our industry. While prices depend on volume, we begin at nearly 65% less than the closest alternative. Click here to speak to someone on the team.