Echo Labs Breaks New Ground with AI Transcription Technology - Secures Record $7.4 Million in Pre-Seed Funding to Transform Access to Education

[Chicago, January 10, 2024] – Today, Echo Labs announces an extraordinary leap in its journey, securing a historic $7.4 million in pre-seed funding, the highest ever in Chicago startup history. Coming on the heels of the company's initial $2M pre-seed round, this considerable expansion, sparked by overwhelming investor interest, highlights the growing recognition of AI's role in transforming accessibility. “This isn't just capital; it's rocket fuel for our team’s vision to democratize media accessibility,” says Echo Labs’ CEO and co-founder, 20-year-old Edward Aguilar.

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Echo Labs is excited to channel these resources into our new educational pilot program. Beginning this Friday, January 12th, we invite a selected group of higher education institutions to experience our state-of-the-art transcription technology ahead of the rest. This white-glove service includes seamless integration with Learning and Video Management Systems and an unlimited, month-long transcription pass. Participants will have the unique opportunity to enhance their content's reach, making it more universally accessible through our pioneering transcription and audio description services, offered as a complimentary part of this pilot program. We invite forward-thinking schools to not just watch the future unfold, but be a part of it. Interested institutions can apply to join our initiative and lead the way in accessible education by clicking here.

Echo Labs Key Features:

  • Exceptional Accuracy: Echo Lab's transcription services boast an industry-leading, ADA-compliant 99% accuracy rate, minimizing errors and providing users with reliable and polished transcriptions - no matter how technical the subject matter.
  • Rapid Turnaround: Say goodbye to long waiting times. Our platform dramatically accelerates the transcription process, delivering results in record time without compromising quality - 24 hours guaranteed, at no extra cost.
  • Plug-and-Play Integration: Echo Lab's transcription services are designed for immediate integration with top-tier Learning Management and Video Management Systems. This plug-and-play compatibility streamlines the process for instructors, allowing them to focus on teaching without worrying about technical complexities.

About Echo Labs:

At Echo Labs, our mission is anchored in a profound commitment to making accessibility not just an option, but the default in every educational institution. Our AI-powered platform delivers unparalleled accuracy in capturing lectures, discussions, and educational content - ensuring that every student has equal access. For more information about Echo Lab's transcription services or to become one of our pilot universities, please visit or contact [email protected].

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